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I have spent more than 35 years in the retail wine trade, at all levels, dealing with and sampling wines from everyday to the finest money can buy. Holding the Wine and Spirits Education Trust’s Diploma in Wines and Spirits, I have lectured for their courses as well as devising and teaching internal staff training courses for employers, and presenting wine tastings for the general public. I have enjoyed the opportunity of travelling widely in the world’s winemaking areas, and meeting grapegrowers and winemakers from Alsace to India.

I offer an independent advisory service and present bespoke wine tastings. I do not supply wine directly, but I do know the trade. I can track down hard to locate bottles, and help you get the best from the offers of the various wine retailers.

With the supermarkets selling most of the wine drunk today, and offering little in the way of advice, I can help you get the bottles you will enjoy drinking. Special offers and multi buys can be misleading. True bargains exist at all price levels, though the tighter the budget the harder they become to find – without a helping hand.

Some of my customers are quite happy with their own choices on a day-to-day basis, but welcome impartial advice for special occasions such as weddings, or wine to be laid down for the future – the classic case of port as a christening present for example.

Just ask how I can help.

If you would like me to organise a wine tasting at home, at work, or any other venue, please contact me, to discuss your requirements.

If a wee dram is your cup of tea, and you will forgive the mixed metaphor, have a look at The Spirits Authority: Edward Bates, yes, a relation, my brother, offers authoritative journalism, lectures and tastings.