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Punctures are a bane to cyclists. Modern tyres with Kevlar reinforcements and kept well inflated have made them much rarer, though not extinct. I will always recommend the use of a new inner tube when repairing punctures. If practical the old tube can be patched and returned to you for emergency use. Repeated punctures are often a sign that a new tyre is called for. It is false economy to try to run a tyre beyond its natural life.

Customised and repainted bike built up from a scrap frame

 I have long felt the need for greater load carrying capacity for my work. I have just solved this problem with the acquisition of an ex French post office delivery bike, very well designed with lovely low gearing.

La vrai bicyclette postier

I got it through ‘Brazen Glory’ a supplier of second hand furniture and things French at the junction of Kingsgate Road and Richmond Road. I hear that French posties, les postiers, are to get some kind power assistance, whereas ours are to loose their bikes altogether.