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Bon Mots

It is usually not a problem: Delivering rainwater butt in a downpour

A space for items of interest, tips, news, and anything which does not fit better elsewhere.

As noted on the home page, I plan to retire in the next couple of years, and am no longer taking any new business. I will honour any existing commitments of course.

On these pages I’ll list any others I feel safe passing my customers on to.

Feel free to ring. 07734 505 398
or email me, MartinBates:  

From time to time the wee cartie behind a bike isn’t enough. Then I’ll have to hire something bigger, usually a Zipvan which lives round the corner. If you don’t know about Zipvans (and Zipcars), this is one of the bigger car share clubs,  a vaguely green way of driving, and now owned by Avis. Following this link gets us all some credit:

Join Zipvan and get £25 in free driving

Hmm. I must be doing something right!

Here are some pictures of the mistletoe I’ve grown on our apple tree – from first seedling to first berries. I was trying with little success to get a good shot of the rather feeble flowers, essential as one needs both male and female for berries, and I needed to know what I’d got. Both it turns out. I’m rather pleased with this!

Development of mistletoe seedling over 4 years

Mistletoe growing on our apple tree. Seedling to first berries.