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About me

I am Martin Bates: MartinWorks.

To all my customers, existing and new:

As of Christmas 2019 I have formally retired. I believe I have now found safe homes for all my existing customers.

I am glad to refer any gardening clients to Daniel Carlisle. Locally based and well equipped, he can be contacted on 07947 726 236 or by email at . As he runs a small van he is able to undertake easier than I ever was some jobs requiring transport.

For my wine and spirit contacts and customers, for day to day supplies locally try Taylors Fine Wine, 321, Ham Parade, KT2 5QU where my old colleague, Don Shannon now assists Andrew Taylor in my place. 020 3759 8651,

For anyone wanting specialist spirits advice, education, tastings etc. Distilled London is the place to go. An admirable business run by my brother Edward.

I will keep this site live for now, and may redesign it to become a miscellany of things that interest and amuse me. We’ll see what the coming months bring.



I have always believed that if, as most of us do, one must work for a living, it is better to do something one enjoys doing than not. After 30 years or so making a career exploring my interest in wine, two redundancies in close succession led me to become my own boss and seek a living exploring other interests. I am able to offer a wide range of handyman services, the things which need doing but do not require the expensive services of a specialist. I try hard to keep ahead of the game on sustainability and am always keen to explore the ‘green, greener and greenest’ options of any job. In the long run this is often the cheapest way forward too.

I do not drive, which means I am limited in the areas I can cover by cycle – with a trailer for bulky tools, and public transport.

This is all working well for me, and, so they tell me, my customers. I now have regular commitments on Thursdays which means I am not routinely available then.